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In Little Rock, Rees Commercial has developed over 300,000 square feet of office and retail establishments over the past 30 years. We provide all of the necessary services to develop any commercial project including new developments, re-developments, third-party, and development management. We are perfectionists when it comes to developing commercial real estate. We take pride in the high-quality, timely and cost-effective projects that we pursue each year. Our goal is to develop a space that will maximize value to the owner.

We offer site selection, zoning, site plan approval, construction management, tenant or owner occupancy, and market condition evaluations. We have long-standing relationships with state and local governments which help to ensure that all development issues are solved in a manner that meets investment and occupancy objectives.

Rees Commercial provides a unique service to our clients by offering in-house development and construction solutions which help our clients stay focused on their primary business. By becoming involved early in the process, we are able to help assess the space you have chosen, and address construction and cost issues often before a commitment is made. We work with you to navigate the permitting and construction process at a personal level, understanding and addressing your needs and expectations up front.

Project development services include:

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Site Review (Including Due Diligence Analysis)
  • Construction and Operating Cost Analysis
  • Creation of Development Entity
  • Constructability Analysis and Scheduling
  • Project Development
  • Design Team Coordination
  • Procurement of Permits/Approvals
  • Construction Management, including Bidding and Contract Award Supervision
  • Construction Financing and Permanent Refinancing
  • Total Relocation Services
  • Joint Venture Fee Development
  • Client’s Testimonials

    "Working with Rees Commercial was easy and professional. They got my office space ready in a timely manner to fit my business needs. Even though my office is a small operation, it is nice to know Rees Commercial is big enough to provide options for my office as we grow. John Rees, Sr. & John Aaron Rees, Jr. are helpful, friendly and very trust worthy people that hold their business to a high standard. Thank you Rees Commercial!"
    Paul Robertson
    Brokerage Resources

    "I worked with John Rees and John Aaron Rees for many years closing their real estate transactions. Their superior knowledge and understanding of the concepts of commercial real estate development, finance and management is proven in the quality of their projects. Each of their undertakings are well thought out and organized. Their beliefs and positive attitude make them a pleasure to work with!"
    Rod Cameron
    Lenders Title Company

    “I rented from John Rees, Sr. and his son John Aaron Rees, Jr. for 8 years. John Aaron is a sweet, intelligent, caring young man and he never hesitates to let you know that he cares. John Sr. stays busy with his properties so you don’t see him very often. But, John Aaron Rees Jr. makes sure to stop by your shop when he comes to a building you rent and says hi. He always made me feel like he cared for me. In fact, they cared so much about my well-being when my illnesses took their toll they showed great compassion when I could no longer lease from them and showed great understanding.”
    Kelly Bergain
    Your Computer People